Frequently Asked Question?

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1.How can I track my professional courier/parcel?

Ans. You can track your courier using our professional courier tracking service.It is easy to track courier which will update you about the courier tracking.

2.What if there is no one available to receive the courier at the recipient location?

Ans.You can call the courier company and ask for the professional courier company to deliver on the nearby addess.It depends on the courier company.Normally,courier company asked for the reference person id proof before delivering the courier/parcel to them.

3.Is is possible to ask courier company to pickup the courier from my address?

Ans.Yes , few big courier company provide the facilty to pickup the courier from the address provided.

4.Is is any corporate courier plan available?

Ans. Yes courier company do provide the plan for courier tracking. You need to contact the courier company and there representative will tell you about there corporate plans.

5.Is it possible for professional courier company to deliver the package on weekends and public holidays?

Ans. No, Courier company normally not deliver on weekends and public holidays.

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